DLN Support

  1. All training has been moved to the new DLN system. To access DLN on the Defence Wide Area Network (DWAN-Intranet) please visit the following site - http://dln-rad.mil.ca
  2. Accounts have already been created for all members of the Forces.

Accessing DLN from the Internet:

  1. Please use https://dln-rad.forces.gc.ca/login/, a username and password are required to access the system through this link.

To generate log in information for the first time or reset your password:

    Select the "Forgot Your Password?" tool from the Log In page

    In the pop up "Forgot Your Password?" Window, Enter your User Name in DWAN (lastname.initial (Doe.J) format)

    Click the "Send Password" button

    You should receive a temporary password to your @forces address in 5-10 minutes

If you still have trouble please contact the DLN Helpdesk. Please send us your SN/PRI, DWAN username (Example Smith.AB) and your @forces.gc.ca email address.